About Us

We design, build and support all your recognition and reward needs

ThankYou.com.sg was founded by a group of HR practitioners in Singapore

A team of experienced performance-improvement professionals. We realized that most employers tend to spend more energy on attracting talents but little effort to retain them. Consequently, they either lose those talents or are unable to bring out the best in them. And that’s where ThankYou.com.sg bridges this gap.

Too many times, companies HR teams get caught up in the search for unnecessarily complex program design, employee development systems and IT deployment solutions to improve their staff engagements. But on the contrary, this approach only creates a massive drawback on their key audiences.

Our passion is focused on helping businesses and organizations become more result-oriented through a robust staff-reward system. Thus increasing sales, effective employee recognition, and organizing award programs that give these organizations the fast and outstanding results that they desire.

For years, ThankYou.com.sg approach and delivery of customized employee rewards have been integrated into some recognizable brands, who treasure the incredible value and staff-transformation solutions that we offer.

Our easy-to-use, manage and implement reward programs have brought about significant and measurable performance improvement in the most unimagined way – engaging our clients’ key audiences to become a better creator and contributors to the results that propel the growth and development of their organization.

ThankYou.com.sg helps companies, small and large, automate their rewards and recognition programs effectively.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the most effective employee experience improvement process in the world.

Our Business Philosophy:

  • Word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing
  • People talk when they have a remarkable experience
  • The best way to grow your business is to radically improve your employee experience